Sea beans

This winter the UK has been battered by a myriad of storms and for the first time the ones with potential to cause damage through flooding etc have been given names. Storm Gertrude was our last visitor but Saturday was a clear sunny day! Beautiful! Ok the wind was nippy but you have to go out there when the suns out. We grabbed cookies, bread and cheese and watched the waves crashing in at Porth Dafarch, Anglesey. 

The beach was covered in bits of plastic. Usually I like to pick up the occasional bottle and put safely in the bin but this would have needed a good team of beach cleaners to make a dent and keep spirits up. But amongst the bottletops, tooth brushes and iphone cases were other flotsam. A pile of mermaids purses showing that under those crashing waves a new generation of rays, undulate rays possibly if I read the MCS brilliant id chart correctly, were flap-flapping about.

And… A sea bean! Seeds that drift over seas to find new lands. The one I found looked like a burger, and high five to who named it the ‘red hamburger bean!’ It has ridden the currents from the tropics of America to this small beach in Wales. The plant, Macuna urens, is a vine,  pollinated by bats with droopy almost pea like flowers.

 There is a lovely documentary, The Wrecking Season, where I first heard of Sea beans and I’ve been wanting to find one ever since. There is something about this seed of tropical islands swirling the currents of the atlantic to end up on in front of my feet on a beach which makes me happy that the chaotic chance happenings of this world can lead to such happy things, just like the chances of being on that beach on that day with a certain someone was definitely the doings of random chance and luck. How lucky I am πŸ™‚

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