Back in the UK


It’s been two weeks back in the UK! Eeeeep!

There has been a lot of jetlag, love, friends, weddings, walks and easter eggs (+ a feast of New Zealand chocolate which I am regretting gobbling up so quickly!) but less drawing 😦

Partly because I need a new sketchbook. I can’t randomly change the subject of a sketchbook to wet and windy Wales after the wonders of New Zealand, the book would get a complex and lead an unhappy double life and I just can’t do that to it.

So I got a new Moleskine Sketch 🙂 just like the one I lost. I painted in it and it’s just as good as I remembered!


I haven’t forgotten New Zealand though. I want to create a personal wildlife map and been working on a few birds which for various reasons I didn’t get round to.

c kereruc robinc fantail 2

Fantails completely charmed me with their flitty, wafty flight and beeping calls. They munch on flying insects and like to follow people hoping they will disturb their next snack. I miss them!

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