More New Zealand birds

Even though I had a lovely walk in the sunshine today and saw choughs and wheatears as well as a part of the unbeatable Anglesey coastline, I am STILL drawing New Zealand birds!


c magpiec myna

Australian magpies were always catching me out with their crazy warbles and cries. They hopped about in a jolly way in farmlands. Myna birds were similarly common, fluttering from the roadsides and perching on city sign posts.

c yellowhammer

Yellowhammers crying out for “a little bit of bread and no cheese” used to be a common part of the Britains soundscape. Sadly not so much any more. New Zealand has flocks of these little yellow finches bathing in the dusty roads.

c cuckoo

I only saw one Shining Cuckoo, in Zealandia, Wellington. I was so excited I called out to a random guy with a big camera but he shrugged not understanding me. these are tiny sparrow sized cuckoos and indeed very shiny!

c kingfisher

The Kingfisher would dash across the road in a flash of blue with it’s smart white collar standing out. As I drew this one it’s massive upturning beak looked plain weird and i had to fight myself not to give it a nose job!

c shelducks

Paradise shelducks, like  most ducks, I mostly ignored (Shame! Shame on me!) but look how pretty they are! unusually the female has the more dapper appearance with her white head, though both hide beautiful hues of colours in their wings. Apparently the male is so devoted to his mate that the Maori would catch the female and just wait for the male to join her.

I hope to finish up my New Zealand project soon. As I’m back in the UK the market for these bird images is quite niche but if anyone would like a print please get in touch or check my Zazzle shop



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