Rock pooling

Tom Jen rockpoolingI’ve been getting a painting framed for my friends who just got married! ❤

Last summer we went to the beach and poked several crabs and threw a few rag worms to the crustacean Colosseum to much gore. You’re never too old to go looking at what’s living in rock pools!

I snapped a photo of the pair and loved it so much I decided to scribble it down.

Usually I don’t work from photographs, the camera has already  flattened the image and the colours and perspective are dictated for you.

So I just used it as a reference, and after I had put down what was important to me about the image I ignored the photo and inked the composition and details.I picked out the blue, red and green which most stood out to me and limited myself to them as much as I could.

I really loved doing this picture, even though it is very different to what I usually do. I hope I can make more memories and make more paintings for more cool people xx


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