Map of New Zealand

map on table

I’ve been wanting to draw a map of NZ for ages.

I love maps. My rough guide book map was covered in scribbles and little doodles as I worked out where I wanted to go on my New Zealand adventure.  It was very satisfying to do an after map to 🙂

I’ve been doing some skillshare classes. One was on creating maps with Steph Marshall and it gave me the confidence to get this done. I outlined New Zealand on some rough paper then started placing the things which had stood out for me on it.


*Memo to self* my handwriting is sloppy! I really need to get neater and just, well,  better at it. I will be back on skillshare for that I’m sure. I did some photoshop magic on that for now.

small nz map

Hopefully this will make my random illustrations of New Zealand make more geographical sense.

If you like my New Zealand adventure you can get a copy of my sketches in a book on blurb. It took ages to put together but I feel I can finally put NZ to bed.


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