In motion

My most popular image from New Zealand was my two page spread of kiwis. When somebody would flick through my sketchbook they would always stop at this page. So I did a few more. Some from life and some from photographs.

Years ago at art school I had a similar idea. I was interested (and also terrified) in animation and this was my first step into trying it out. I found a slow mo video of a blue tit in flight and paused it every few seconds to draw. It became a part of an artist book.


I did try my hand at animation for my next project. It took a week of long days for a few seconds! Watch here  if you like 🙂

I would really like to make a series of birds that we can see here in the UK. I started off with the osprey. I worked at the Glaslyn Osprey project near Porthmadog for years and it is a very special place for me. I remember when we were locking up and the male flew over our heads to go fishing and we chased after it to watch. It was a very special moment 🙂

copyright 6 ospreys

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