Inspired by: John Busby

I went to art school with a mission: to become a wildlife artist.  After the first few projects my tutor gave a big sigh and said “Ceri, could you try to draw something that is not a bird?” Luckily the principle was a bit more understanding of my obsession and asked if I would like to meet a professional wildlife artist called John Busby.  I am terrible at remembering names but that name rang bells. In fact I was pouring over his book and enchanted not just by his illustrations but the way he wrote about them to.

He was a lovely man and I think I could have watched the birds coming to the feeder with him for a long long time.  John passed away last year, his family recently set up a website documenting his work.

Here are some of his sketches that have inspired me.

He captured the movement and life of birds. Anybody who has attempted to draw birds from life have that crushing your pencil into ash as the pesky things dart about. You need to be quick, confident, or at least owning of your mistakes which I think is the first step!

To have a career in drawing what you love John Busby shows that is is down to dedication, a lifelong curiosity and never stop.


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