Amazing animals: Atlas moth

SO you may know that I studied Zoology at University. It filled my brain with all these extraordinary facts about the animals on our planet and since my reincarnation as an artist I’ve wanted to capture the things which make me go “wow!”

Four years ago I had the idea of putting together an alphabet of crazy creatures. It’s taken four years for me to get confident in my skills and, most importantly, deciding what should be in it.

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Atlas moth on leggins and other things at Redbubble

A is for Atlas Moth

I saw this amazing photo yeeeeears ago and it really hit me.

Photo by Sandesh Kadur
It was a moth with guts. I had never imagined a moth looking so threatening.

It’s an Atlas moth, the largest moth in the world the article told me but there seems a lot of debate on that. Regardless the Atlas moth got my A because it never left me. Also the wing tips kind of` look like snakes heads!

Other contenders were:

  • Axolotl (don’t worry I squeezed this guy in with a massive cheat)
  • Albatross – with the longest wings of existing birds these guys can soar around the planet for years.

Atlas moth web.jpg






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