B is for Blue whale

blue whale web

B had to be for blue whale, they are the largest known animal to have ever existed on this planet.   I promise not all my letters are “the biggest this” or “largest that” but the large whales have always rocked my soul. I feel humbled by them.

The blue whale can reach 30 meters in length and are surprisingly slender, until they take in a big gulp of krill and wea water and then their throat balloon out. The head is shaped like a shovel with a ridge to the blow hole.  They are quite pale and look blue underwater.

Other contenders for B:

  • Bowhead whale – Can live for over 200 years and are one of the longest living mammals.
  • Boxer crab – Have living anemone boxing gloves which the wave around to keep predators away or face the sting of its anemone pal.
  • Bowerbird –  Build elaborate shelters and collect colourful objects to attract a mate.


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