Garden birds


Birds! Now in colour.

Birds coming to the garden sparked my love for wildlife. My grandparents would throw a crust of bread out of the window and we would guess which bird would be the first one there.

As you watch them you get a bit of drama between the species. Greenfinches seem to claim feeders and bully others off, but the tiny blue tit is feisty and darts in for seeds anyway. A group of chaffinches calmly circle underneath, hoovering up dropped food while the robin seems alert, dashing in for a morsel. Sparrows appear on mass, hiding the bird bath in mass of feathers.

I’ve just posted prints on etsy

The RSPB hold the Big Garden Birdwatch at the end of this month. Make yourself a cup of tea and just jot down how many birds you see in one hour. Easy. Over the years the results have shown rises and falls in what we see. Tiny birds suffer in colder winters and a disease can cut the number of greenfinches. You can get a free pack here.

Thank you for reading! I wish you a wonderful, colourful and feathery new year.



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