Hello! I had the zippiest trip to London last week and the very first thing I did was head to the Natural history museum.


Museums are a great source of subject matter that you can draw from life. The first thing that caught my eye was a cabinet full of humming birds. It was mesmerising, but trying to get a view where I wasn’t in the bustle of other visitors was impossible.

I kept walking. The next corridor was full of natural light which bounced off gigantic fossils and hallelujah! A bench facing them. The sketchbook was whipped out, and my lovely blackwing pencil made soft abstract lines of a pliosaur. My little watercolour set sat next to me and I used cerulean blue  and yellow ochre  to dab on cold shadows and the warmer highlights of the bones.

I kept correcting my proportions but still I made the skull and flippers far too big. I find it happens when I really enjoy studying one part of an image over another.

I tried to correct this on the next scribble. I made a box so that even if I did go overboard again at least I had room to correct it. This stegosaurus is near the entrance and I had to lean against a wall, sketching different corners as people passed me and took selfies.

Also that’s all I need to paint on the go, but I did come skipping out of Cas art shop with a brush pen and a water brush. I can’t wait to try them!


Speak to you soon,


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