How to Etsy. Part 1

My etsy shop has been up and running for almost a year now and I finally feel like I know what I’m doing! Kind of? Maybe?!

Here is a step by step of how I get an item on etsy with what I have learnt on the way.

* Ok I wrote too much and instead of cutting down I will continue on next week xx

  1. Product

I imagine most makers first get the idea of an online shop when a friend tells them they would buy their stuff.  My first customers were my lovely and supportive friends and I really value their opinion when thinking what to add to my shop. They are incredibly helpful when I post a question on facebook and they really steer me to the final product.

Deep down I knew my friends would prefer these more nerdy versions!

Instagram is also great for feedback. Somethings get more likes than others and that gives me a guide to what may prove more popular. Some people even suggest things and it’s a good way for me to keep an eye on what’s trending.

As you can see my things is painting, mostly wildlife. Painting is great because even though the original piece may take days  to create I can sell prints, make cards, and my favourite thing: stickers! These are much more affordable to buy, but I do plan on putting up some originals on etsy and a listing for commissions like this one below.

I’m always looking for a new thing to put my designs on. My idea for stickers came from selling greeting cards to a local nature reserve who mentioned they needed more things for children. I discovered Awesome Merchandise and got hooked on creating stickers!


It takes a bit of a gamble but you don’t know until you try! I would love to hear your ideas on what to try next. I may already be looking at how to create pins 🙂

Next time I will be talking about photography! It’s definitely my weakest point so I have read so many blogs and watched courses upon courses.



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