How to Etsy 2: Photography

My etsy shop is called Look into nature. Please come in!

Carrying on with my round up of what I learnt being on Etsy for a year. This is a tricky one for me though but by writing down here I can come and re-jig my memory and hopefully take my own advice!


Dammit Jim I’m a painter not a photographer!

Taking good photographs is my biggest weakness but I think they are are also the key for online success.  When a customer searches for something they are usually presented with hundreds of thumbnails fighting for that precious click so I’ve been swotting up using sites like Skillshare and Makelight for tips.

A phone is fine! You don’t need the most expensive tech to make interesting photographs. The most vital step is taking a photo at all. The photo below I took just after opening my first box of stickers and just grabbed my phone.

Nothing beats natural light. Most light bulbs shine a warm yellow light which completely changes the look of a painting. I’ve bought white lightbulbs and camping led lights and nothing works like natural light. As long as it’s not direct! It’s good but too much light will bleach it! Below is a painting I finished late at night but I really should have waited until the next day.

Grab all the things. Dressing a photograph is a skill I’m only really starting to get to grips with. Putting items around a painting adds to its story. I started by adding the brushes and paints I used and now I’m adding natural items to portray my interests and my shops ethos. I want to start thinking about how, why and where I see my things ending up.

I have a lot of work to do to get my photos to a good standard. If you have any tips please let me know.

I will be putting up my next etsy blog next week. Take care xx


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